In Spring of 2021, the NCAA granted student athletes a one-time waiver when it comes to transferring. They no longer have to sit out a year and can play immediately. In July of that year, NIL policy was established. Together, this unofficially created a "free agency" for college athletics and NIL funds have now become a way to support and retain talent.

One of the biggest challenges for Collectives today is that money raised online most likely goes to a "General Fund" and fans have no easy way to say who or where it should go to. This is a problem.

And that's how Crowd NIL was born. Collectives can now create dynamic, player specific campaigns and events on the fly.

Events can spawn the moment a game-changing play happens. Let's get exclusive content from that specific player after the game. And not just for Football. For all sports. Did the baseball team make the CWS? Women's tennis? Soccer? etc, etc

Crowd NIL lets fan choose where their money goes. No more being stuck with three options and a t-shirt for participating. We now have live events and best of all, an easy way to join and spread the word.


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Founding Team

Daniel Bio Photo
Daniel James

A second time founder with a background in Big 4 consulting, telecom, healthcare tech, recruiting tech, and even a stint with machine learning facial recognition/identity verification. However, nothing matches the excitement Crowd NIL brings to the table: an opportunity to change the entire landscape of college athletics.

Daniel graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management Information Systems and lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, Heather, and son, Theo. If you're ever in North County, he's always interested in connecting over coffee.